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Location (For map see below)

Distances to Famouse Places from Firuze Apartment

From To Distance & Time
Istanbul Firuze Apartment Tünel train 50 metres - less than 2 minute
Egyptian market 20 minutes walk or a few minutes by tram
Sultan Ahmet area 20 minutes by tram
Grand Bazaar 23 minutes by tram.
Galata Tower 50 metres - less than 2 minute
Istiklal Street 50 metres - less than 2 minute
Mevlevi Hane 20 metres - less than 1 minute

Firuze Apartment is situated in one of the best locations in Istanbul (see map below).

The apartment is on Galipdede Street, Tünel/Galata area, in Beyoğlu district on the European side of Istanbul across the Golden Horn from the old city.

The street, Galipdede, as the Galata Mevlevihanesi (Mevlevi Dervish lodge) was once called is famous for its many shops selling musical instruments.

There are numerous food shops and stalls in the vicinity selling fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, meat, fish, cheese and wine.

There are many charming local cafes and restaurants in and around the neighbourhood.

The area is very safe and you can walk to many of the city's best bars, nightclubs and restaurants.

Most of the Istanbul attractions are within easy reach either on foot, by reliable public transport or by taxi. There are historic mosques, churches and synagogues nearby.

Galata Mevlevihanesi, Which houses the Museum of Divan Literature and a collection of musical instruments is only a few steps away from Firuze Apartment.

Galata Tower is less than 5 minutes walk from the apartment.

Tünel neighbourhood, one of the most bohemian quarters of Istanbul is 2 minutes walk from the apartment. In the streets of Asmalimescit you will find plenty of alternatives for dining. Even in winter you see people sitting in the narrow, cosy streets of Asmali having their lunch.

Istiklal Street 50 metres from the apartment has numerous cafés, boutiques, bookshops, galleries, theatres and cinemas tucked into 19th century European-built mansions.

Taksim Square is 20 minutes walk away or you can hop on the historic tram from Tünel Square.

10 minutes walk down the hill from the apartment will take you to Karaköy port on the Golden Horn (or you can take the historic train from Tünel). From here you can take the Tramway or walk across the Galata Bridge to Eminönü, where the wonderful Egyptian market is located. In the many passages and narrow streets behind and around the Egyptian market you will find numerous shops selling household goods, watches and clothes at bargain prices.

From Karaköy it will only take a few minutes by Tram to reach the Sultanahmet area, where the Topkapi Palace, Hagia Sofya and the Blue Mosque are located.


There are excellent public transport links from the apartment. Directions from the apartment to various places are given in our Istanbul guide.

From the apartment a two minutes walk up the hill will bring you to Tünel Square and the Istiklal Avenue. The following tram/metro lines operate from Tünel.

  • Nostalgic street tram runs along Istiklal Avenue between Tünel Square and Taksim Square.
  • At the beginning of Istiklal Ave is the new Şişhane Metro station, which connects to the Taksim – Levent 4 metro line.
  • Tünel funicular train connects Tünel to Karaköy .The station is situated behind the street tram stop. A10 minute walk down Galipdede Cad. will also take you to Karaköy at the bottom of the hill.
There are many bus routes and a tram station at Karaköy going to the old town and towards Ataturk airport. For detailed bus routes please visit

Taxim Square (20 minutes walk from the apartment or a short hop on the Istiklal's historic tram, or one stop on the şişhane metro) is a major public transport hob. It only takes a few minutes by Metro to the Kanyon, Metro City and Cevahir shopping malls and the trendy Levent area.

There are buses to all destinations in Istanbul from Taksim Bus Station, including routes along the Bosphorus coastal road stopping at all major attractions. There is a bus information kiosk, which can give you information on bus routes and stops.

The Funicular train from Taksim Station is only one stop to Dolmabahçe Palace and Kabataş port.


From Karaköy port you can take a ferry boat to Kadiköy and Üsküdar districts on the Asian shores of Istanbul. Fairs on these public transport boats are very cheap. Tickets in the form of a jeton (token) costs 1.3 TL.

Bosphorus cruise boats depart from Eminönü port or from Ortaköy.

Princes' Islands are also within easy reach. Take the Tramway from Karaköy or the one stop funicular train from Taksim to the fast ferry port in Kabataş. For ferry timetables please go to . Ferry tickets to Princes Islands costs under 3TL. Fast Ferry boats cost 7 TL.

There are also many taxi stands in the area.

Location Map Click here to see the map in bigger size Click here for istanbul tram map